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Three international magazines recognizes the new RecycleLED luminarie | Ecolights Recyclable LED luminaire Project


28 January, 2014

Three international magazines recognizes the new RecycleLED luminarie

Pollutionsolutions-online.com, clickgreen.org.uk and e2bpulse.com have published information about the Ecolights project new eco-luminaire, RecycleLED.

Three international magazines have published information about the Ecolights project’s new product, RecycleLED:


Article: Eco-lights made from Recycled Cola Bottles Illuminate a Sustainable Future.


“Super-sustainable lights made from recycled cola bottles will soon go on the market following an international study led by Nottingham Trent University. In collaboration with Spanish SME Ona Product SL, researchers have developed a new lighting system which is housed in a recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) casing, a material commonly used to contain soft drinks”. See more at  pollutionsolutions-online.com


Article: Could street lights of the future be made from recycled cola bottles?


“Each light is typically made with three watt LEDs which each have a recycled highly-conductive aluminium heat sink to diffuse the heat produced. The product also features an energy efficient electronic driver and dimmer – which contains no toxic materials – and all the wiring is made from recyclable copper and PET. The product will be assembled by hand rather than by machinery – with only the use of a screwdriver needed – and does not require the use of adhesives or coating.” See more at  clickgreen.org.uk


Article: LEDs with recycled plastic casings developed by NTU and Ona Product SL.


“We were determined to raise the bar and create a new range of lighting with a very low environmental impact and found that PET, because it is so widely recycled and because of its optical, thermal and UV properties, was the ideal material in which to house LEDs.”. See more at e2bpulse.com


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