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The Project | Ecolights Recyclable LED luminaire Project

The Project

Market deployment of
Eco-innovative lighting products

This project aims to support the market deployment of eco-lighting products of Ona Product S.L. lighting company. In order to begin its market expansion in the Swedish market (initially), Ona has developed a first range of eco-lighting products’ to introduce its brand into the Swedish market.


Within this project, the eco-lighting products will be tested, certified and refined in order: to ensure the quality required in the new EU markets, to reduce their environmental impact, and to prepare them for clean manufacturing. In addition, the expansion of Ona’s eco-lighting products range  to new EU markets will require the company to develop and establish new commercialization channels and infrastructures in order to reach potential Swedish consumers. A Web-based advanced services will be developed to support commercialization and after-sales services to customers. These services will also provide customer environmental information about their lighting products and on-line support to encourage proper use, maintenance and disposal for recycling and remanufacturing of parts and components of the product.


Results of the project:

Introduction of company’s eco-lighting products in other EU markets and sectors: Sweden has been targeted during this project, but other Scandinavian countries will follow after this project. First will be Denmark. After the end of the project we expect to reach the following sales targets in Sweden using the on-line shops: Expected sales: 12,667 Euros and 55 possible customers six months after the end of the project; and 94,708 Euros, and 853 possible customers, 24 months after the end of the project.


Web-based services embedded in the company’s infrastructure: These services support: commercialization, maintenance and disassembly, use recommendations, recycling, after-sales customer services and other related services which will help to reduce environmental impact and improve customer service. They will also provide environmental information about the lighting product.


Eco-re-design, test, certification and analysis of eco-lighting products: The eco-lighting Products have been re-designed in order to pass the tests to obtain the certifications (CE, IP44) and directives (RoHS, WEEE) required. The products have been also analysed and assessed to inform the consumer about their light output performance and environmental impact.


Reduction of environmental impact of lighting products: The products have been eco-redesigned, in order to reduce their environmental impact at each product life cycle stage (manufacturing, packaging, transport, use and disposal). Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been carried out to obtain the environmental profile of the product to inform consumers.


Pilot manufacturing of eco-lighting products: 126 units have been initially manufactured to confirm production feasibility, and to have access to real data of the full product lifecycle, in order to assess the environmental impact of the product with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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